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Gobbledy Gooker

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Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2014

The Gook has been sitting around and brainstorming a new article to post as we are fast approaching Metro Bowl XV. So The Gook got this brilliant idea, after each season in the NFL the NFL Network does a Top 100 payers countdown of the previous season. Well The Gook is going to do something relatively like that, but instead of the top 100, I have the top 81. I only felt like 81 players deserved this recognition. Now this isn’t the top 81 players of last season, this is the top 81 players of all time. This is who The Gook believes is the best 81 players to ever play in the KC Metro Flag Football League. I may have missed a few great players and I’m willing to revise my list and if you’ve only been around a couple of seasons you might not be on here, but a few 2-season players and rookies did make this list. You’re best chances at being on this list are how long you’ve been in the league, production, and what my eyes have seen. So without further to do let’s get this list rolling.
81. Jason Pena
80. Garron Abernathy
79. Bryan Pinick
78. Cyrus Riahi
77. Rayvond Stewart
76. Darius Blanson
75. Joe Rodriguez
74. Justin McClain
73. Winford “B Smooth” Boughnton
72. Alec Winsor
71. Matt Olsen
70. Austin Meier
69. Grandon Purnell
68. Jeff Drydale
67. Joseph Vecchione
66. Delton Henderson
65. Patrick Kennedy
64. Antuan Griddine
63. Brandon Blattner
62. Jacob Welker
61. David Tindle
60. James Juarez
59. Randy Shoemaker
58. Brandon Crabtree
57. Dave Lyons
56. Trevor Anderes
55. Justice Fuller
54. Adrian Jackson
53. Jordan Elliot
52. Brian Anderson
51. Clayton Issitt
50. Jim Rote
49. Dave Wray
48. Van Lindsey Jr.
47. TJ Semke
46. Leon Washington
45. Damien Couch
44. Kyson Ginavan
43. Derrick Hightower
42. Andrew Harvey
41. Steven Jackson
40. Travis Kline
39. OJ Spencer
38. Cornell Theus
37. Matt Kiehne
36. Sam McCrillis
35. Mike Liberty
34. Arries Scott
33. Justin Richter
32. Woody McPheron
31. Paul Carrell
30. Anthony Parks
29. Chris Shackleford
28. Johnny Howard
27. Jonathon Ash
26. Gene Walker
25. Cody Kennedy
24. Theo Urban
23. Erik Bolton
22. Jackie Kimlin
21. Ken Davis
20. Dennis O’Brien
19. Jay Osborne
18. Jacob Copple
17. Nic Reese
16. Seville Ko
15. Pat Green
14. Elias Wedde
13. Corey Reed
12. Collin Griffith
11. Will Griffin
10. Leon Bowman
9. Brett Schoonover
8. Tijuuan Porter
7. Greg Stallings
6. Andre Roberson
5. Billy Schoonover
4. Colby Rainey
3. Justin Spaunhorst
2.Brian Palmeter
1. Jason McDonald

Feel free to comment and post anyone you think if also deserving to be on this list. I might add them, but probably not.
Chris Riley

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Last Updated: Wed Jun 25, 2014

I guess my years with The All Mighty Top Flight didnt count for much... Lol.
Gobbledy Gooker

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Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2014

Like I stated, The Gook might have missed a few ppl. I will be adding Chris Riley, Steve Matias, TJ Stokes, and Blake Webb to the list, but not sure where is place them. Also Harvey said he'd pay me to place him higher.
Gobbledy Gooker

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Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2014

I would also like to add Mike Martinez, Brad Beagle, and Jeff Stegeman to this list. That brings my total up to 88. Once I get 100 I will be doing a little revising
gene walker

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Last Updated: Fri Jun 27, 2014

I think it may be easier to break it down into positions. Anyone in the top 10 should be able to single handedly win a game by themselves. My top 5 would be Dre, Billy, Palmeter, Anthony Parks, Tyjuan Porter or Brett Schnoover in no particular order. Anyone in the top 20 with the exception of top qbs like Palmeter or Dre should be a top 10 player on both sides of the ball as well. An example of this Corey Reed or TJ Semke. Corey is top 10 easily on both sides of the ball. Your list seems somewhat biased but then again I don't know the criteria that it's based off of. Congrats to all the athletes that made the list.

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