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Gobbledy Gooker

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Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015

Gook, wants to take playoffs and All Gook Teams
So, I see that the playoffs are being split into two different brackets. Top 6 and bottom 6 will each play for a crown.
A little collusion with the structure and certain teams placed in each bracket.
I may be a tad biased in this debate, but I will defend whatever team was being colluded against.
So here’s what is going on, I believe it was week 4 of season and the black Sox were slated to play the Canes. The game was slated for 8pm at first, but was changed to 6pm about 2-4 days before game day, so plenty of time to make yourself aware and emails were sent as well for the time change. Black Sox all we aware of the time change and were awarded a no show forfeit win, but ended playing against Mixbreedz and the Free Agent Squad combined (Though the free agent guys barely played, it was mostly all mixbreedz.) Black Sox ended up winning that skirmish by 19, granted the Mixbreedz had played a game prior to that, but those mixbreedz guys are studs and they were going all out all game. So assuming we got the forfeit win, the Canes would get a forfeit loss. Well, the Canes showed up at 8 unaware of the time change and were awarded a win for beating a lesser team than the mixbreedz ( I think they whooped up on the titans) Now I know life’s not fair, but the Canes shoulve been given a loss for no showing at the correct time. Im glad they got a game in though and didn’t miss one, but they should’ve received a loss regardless. So due to the Canes receiving that win they finished 3-2 instead of being 2-3. That pushed the Black Sox out of the upper playoff into the lower and the Canes stayed in the upper playoffs. What can you do though? Congrats on a great season everyone though.
So lets lower division playoff predictions
Round 1
(3) QuikAintFair 34
(6) All Them Teeth 18
(4) Free Agents 28
(5) Titans 6
Round 2
(1)Black Sox 30
(4) Free Agents 14
(2) Ravens 21
(4) QuikAintFair 12
(1)Black Sox over (2) Ravens 35-24

Upper Division Playoffs
Round 1
(6) Blues over (3) Juggernauts 24-21
(5) Canes over (4) Yellow Jackets 28-20
Round 2
(1)Rams over (6) Blues 44-13
(2)Mixbreedz over (5) Canes 34-21
(1)Rams over (2) Mixbreedz 30-27

1st Team
QB- Mike Falafel (Rams)
C- Jacob Copple (Black Sox)
WR- DeAndre Clark (Rams)
WR- Teddy Colbert (Rams)
LB- TJ Stokes (Mixbreedz)
CB- Steven Jackson (Ravens)
CB- Stephen Barbosa (Mixbreedz)
CB- LaMonte Stanfield (Mixbreedz) 2nd Team
QB- Dennis O’Brien (Mixbreedz)
C- Jonathon Ash (Rams)
WR- Cole Shepard (Mixbreedz)
WR- Shane Connely (All Them Teeth)
LB- Kenny Brown (Ravens)
CB- Josh White (Canes)
CB- Anthony Brown (Yellow Jackets)
CB- Delton Henderson (Blues)
Boo Ya!

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